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2024 Conference docs

If you have questions don't hesitate to contact any of the following: Carol Phelps (Steering Committee), Bob Kihslinger (Website & Social Media), Kathy Kuntz (Registration), Armela Aeilts (Facilities & Food),  .... (Tables and Booths), Natalie? (Student Conference Committee & DCYEC)




The 2024 High School Climate Conference is designed to be a day of collaboration.  School clubs and organizations, local business and community non-profits will share thoughts and strategies for developing a sustainable future.  


The goal is to find ways to work together and sponsor each other’s efforts.


Businesses and community non-profits are invited to:


Table at the conference

Engage with high school tablers 

Become a financial or in-kind sponsor for a high school project

Invite a high school student to become a member of your organization

Attend all conference activities​​


High School clubs and organizations are invited to:


Table at the conference (will receive $100 award) 

Visit and engage with other high school and community tablers

Share ideas with high school students from around the State

Share ideas with local businesses and community non-profits

Tables should be manned before the conference begins, during lunch and           a half hour after the workshops

If you are tabling at the Climate Conference, here are a few things you need to know.


* The conference is being held in the main Madison College building at 1701 Wright Street

* The doors are open to tablers at 7:30 AM

* If you have any large objects to bring for your table they can be off-loaded at the Anderson Street entrance to the Truax Building before you park your car.  

* Registration begins at 8:00 for attendees

* The conference will start at 9:00 AM

* The table size is 3 x 8 or 5 x 31/2  (chairs are provided as well)

* You will have a simple 8.5 x 11 sheet that gives you name, internet address and a q-r code to your website if you wish to put it on your table

* You may have two tables if you wish, just let us know

* Electrical outlet are available at all booth

* All tables will be in the same room as the conference and you are invited to attend all presentations

* Students will have time to visit your table between 8:00 and 9:00, 12:00 to 1:00 and after the workshops from 4:00 to 5:00

* Free lunch and snacks are available during the day thanks to our sponsors

* Parking is free and directly across the street from the Wright Building   


Be sure to have any of your table staff register on the conference website.


Thank you all for your support of this conference and your willingness to spend the day with the students of 20 Wisconsin high schools.  If you have any other questions please contact either:


Carol Phelps:

Bob Kihslinger:





You have an opportunity to join the team of high school students and mentors who are creating and running the next Climate Conference.  It’s a great way to fight climate change, protect the environment, meet like minded students from other schools throughout the State and beef up that resume for college applications.  It is not necessary for many of these tasks that you physically attend meetings nor do you have to live in the Madison area to complete most of them.  


Here is a list by team of the tasks we need help with.  Feel free to contact us for more information by phone, text or email and find a way you can help that fits your interests and your schedule.  


Program Team:  Responsible for the overall development of the program. ..

Carol Phelps:  (555-555-5555 -

Natalie L Lesnjak - Senior Middleton High School - DCYEC

  • Attend zoom Steering Committee Meetings

  • Help Develop Agenda

  • Help Create Slide for Event

  • Introduce a Speaker

  • Be a breakout host

  • Be a primary moderator in the main room

  • Interview with media

  • Other..


Promotion Team:  Responsible advertising, media management, conference website, social media and any other tasks related to …

Bob Kihslinger:  Mentor - (202-285-8333 -

John Jones:  Senior West High School - DCYEC (Email? Phone?)

(Pick one or more tasks that you interested in)

  • Make a instagram to post on The Connection

  • Make a YouTube Video for the conference

  • Make a poster for your school

  • Help with the website


Recruitment Team: Help recruit students at your school for the conference and/or serve as your school's go-to-person for the Conference Program and Promotion Committees.

Mary Jones:  Mentor - (555-555-5555 -

John Jones:  Senior Middleton High School - DCYEC (Email? Phone?)

(Pick one or more tasks that you interested in)

  • Be contact person between Program Team and your club

  • Bi contact person between Program Team and your school

  • Mentor - If you are a Junior or Senior get one Freshman or Sophomore to the                                                   conference and make sure they find  way to get and back

  • Contact registrants who signed up from your school with any additional information

Logistics Team:  Responsible for facilities room arrangements, lunch, snacks, AV, ..)

Armila Aeilts:  Mentor - (555-555-5555 -

John Jones:  Senior Middleton High School - DCYEC (Email? Phone?)

  • Help choose menu and snacks

  • Help determine room layouts

  • Help with setup

  • Register students as they arrive

  • Create signage for the conference

  • Help with tablers

  • Other…

Make a Presentation




Make a 4 to 6 minute presentation from the main stage

Requirements for stipends

Plans/project must relate to climate or environmental problems or issues

Club must have at least 4 members in attendance 

Presentation must include high school students

Presentation must respectful and original

Presentation can be live or video 

Example of a presentation you might use


Tablers are encouraged to set up between 8:00 and 8:30 at the Madison College Wright Street Welcome Center.  Doors open for participants at 9:00.

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