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Mission Statement

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The Connection is an environmental newsfeed and a repository of high school environmental activism.  Its mission is to educate students of Dane County about energy, environment and climate and challenge them to get involved and take control of their future.  


Students can discover that they are not alone and that working together provides a sense of empowerment.  While we understand that there is a dark side to climate change our goal is not to dwell on things that are going wrong but to enlighten, motivate, empower, challenge and inspire the 23,000 high school students of Dane County.  In addition, The Connection can serve as a resource for both students and teachers by providing educational tools and source material to aid in their study of earth science. 


Our primary focus is on the people and stories in and around Dane County and Wisconsin that clarify how climate change has affected us and what is being done about it.  


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